British Seismology Meeting (BSM2017)

April 2017, Reading Town Hall, UK

The first ISC-organised conference, highlighting and celebrating the diverse research in the UK and around the world


Organising Committee

Dmitry Storchak
Jennifer Weston
Elizabeth Entwistle
Lynn Elms


During 5th-7th April, seismologists from the UK and abroad met in Reading for the first conference organised by the International Seismological Centre (ISC) in its 50+ year history. There was great support from the seismology community, with 112 attendees, 44 talks, 43 posters and exhibits from Güralp, Optics11, AWE and the British Geological Survey. Topics covered at the meeting include: induced seismicity, earthquake physics, seismic hazard, networks and catalogues, tomography and forensic, passive, laboratory and computational seismology.

Thanks to BGA sponsorship, BSM2017 hosted seven invited speakers; Professor Torsten Dahm (GFZ, Potsdam), Dr Steven Gibbons (NORSAR, Norway), Dr Tom Mitchell (University College London), Dr Tarje Nissen-Meyer (University of Oxford), Dr Andy Nowacki (University of Leeds), Dr Eleonore Stutzmann (IPGP, France), and Dr Roger Musson (BGS and University of Edinburgh).

On behalf of AWE, eight student conference grants were awarded to current Masters and Ph.D. students, all of whom presented novel research that is helping to update current understanding in their fields of seismology. AWE also awarded two best poster prizes for early career researchers Jennifer Jenkins (University of Cambridge) and Emily Crowder (University of Aberdeen).

Overall, the meeting celebrated the fantastic and diverse research going on in the UK and around the world. The positive feedback and enthusiasm from BSM2017 attendees has highlighted the benefit of a UK-based seismology meeting every two to three years, and we look forward to BSM2019!

Report on the BSM2017 in Astronomy & Geophysics

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Session 1: The rise of induced seismicity - Chaired by: Domenico Di Giacomo
Dmitry Storchak, Elizabeth Entwistle and Jennifer Weston (ISC) 14:00 Welcome
Torsten Dahm, S. Hainzl & S. Cesca 14:15 Invited: The weal and woe of induced seismicity
† Miles Wilson, G. Foulger, R. Davies, J. Gluyas, et al. 14:45 Global review of induced and triggered earthquakes
Antonio Villaseñor, R.B. Herrmann, B. Gaite & A. Ugalde 15:00 Focal depths and mechanisms of induced earthquakes in the 2013 seismic sequence near the CASTOR Underground Gas, northeast coast of Spain
Ian Main, X. Li & A. Jupe 15:15 Induced seismicity at the UK 'Hot Dry Rock' test site for geothermal energy production: a new mechanism
Anna Horleston & D. Hawthorn 15:30 Anthropogenic noise on temporary seismic networks: implications for monitoring arrays in the UK
Richard Luckett, A. Butcher & B. Baptie 15:45 Local magnitudes at short distances
Session 2: Investigating unusual signals - Chaired by: David Bowers
Steven Gibbons 16:30 Invited: Accurate seismic event location: A question of context
Kostas Lentas, I. Bondár, E.Bergmann & E.R. Engdahl 17:00 Reference Event List (GT) for monitoring purposes
Anton Ziolkowski 17:15 Yields, source time functions and depths of North Korean announced nuclear tests
Jennifer Stevanovic, N. Teanby, J. Wookey, N. Selby, et al. 17:30 Bolide airbursts as a seismic source for the 2018 Mars InSight mission
Session 3: Passive sources and sensitive signals - Chaired by: Elizabeth Entwistle
Eleonore Stutzmann, M. Meschede, V. Farra, et al. 08:30 Invited: Frequency dependent microseism sources
George Taylor, S. Rost, G. Houseman & G. Hillers 09:00 Upper crustal structure of the North Anatolian Fault Zone from ambient seismic noise surface wave tomography
Benjamin Schwarz, A. Bauer & D. Gajewski 09:15 Using diffractions as passive source wavefields: A traveltime moveout perspective
Anna Stork, C. Allmark, A. Curtis, et al. 09:30 The feasibility of detecting CO2 leaks using passive seismic monitoring
Jonathan Singh, I. Main, A. Curtis, A. Cartwright-Taylor, et al. 09:45 Seismic Signals from Digital Rocks
Alan Baird, J.-M, Kendall & J. Budge 10:00 Discriminating between fractures and fabrics in a highly anisotropic shale using shear-wave splitting
Session 4: Understanding Earth's faults - Chaired by: Jennifer Weston
Tom Mitchell 10:45 Invited: Earthquake fracture damage and healing in the seismic cycle
† Christopher Harbord, S. Nielsen, N. De Paola & R. Holdsworth 11:15 Frictional instability of rough faults
Jessica Hawthorne, A. M. Thomas & J-P. Ampuero 11:30 Estimating the rupture extent of low frequency earthquakes near Parkfield, CA
Simone Mancini & M. Segou 11:45 Physics-based modelling of the 2016 Amatrice (central Italy) earthquake sequence
Ragnar Slunga 12:00 Estimating the complete stress tensor field from microearthquake observations
Session 5: How hazardous? - Chaired by: Dmitry A. Storchak
Roland Roberts, R. Bödvarsson, O. Gudmundsson, B. Lund, et al. 13:15 The Swedish National Seismological Network: Hazard assessment in a low-seismicity intraplate area
Gloria Senfaute 13:30 Probablistic seismic hazard assessment in low-to- moderate seismicity regions: outcomes from the SIGMA research program
Lizhong Zhang, M.J. Werner & K. Goda 13:45 A time-dependent seismicity model for south-western British Columbia, Canada
Emmanuel Viallet, N. Humbert & P. Mottier 14:00 Updating of a PSHA based on a Bayesian inference with historical macroseismic intensities
Amy Gilligan, N. Rawlinson, F. Tongkul & R. Stephenson 14:15 Developing a seismic hazard model for Sabah, East Malaysia, using seismic and geodetic data
Domenico Di Giacomo, E.R. Engdahl,D.A. Storchak & J. Harris 14:30 The ISC-GEM Global Instrumental Earthquake Catalogue (1900-2013) for hazard purposes
Session 6: Catalogues: Power and completeness - Chaired by: Steven Gibbons
Yuzo Ishikawa 16:45 Difficulty of the determination of hypocenters in early 20 century
Raul Castro, J.M. Stock, E Hauksson & R.W. Clayton 17:00 Seismicity (M>3.0) in the period between 2002-2014 and active tectonics in the Gulf of California, Mexico
Pierre Arroucau, J. Grannell, S. Lebedev, C. Bean, et al. 17:15 New earthquake detections in Ireland from waveform template matching by cross-correlation
Marleine Brax, C. Beauval, P. Albini & R. Jomaa 17:30 An earthquake catalog for seismic hazard assessment in Lebanon
Dmitry A. Storchak, J. Harris & D. Di Giacomo 17:45 The ISC Datasets and Services
Conference Dinner Invited Talk by Roger Musson
Roger Musson 19:00 A history of macroseismology in the UK
Screensaver ISC: How we worked then and now
Session 7: Imaging the Earth at all scales - Chaired by: Karin Sigloch
Maria Tsekhmistrenko, K. Sigloch & K. Hosseini 8:45 Multifrequency measurements of P waves on ocean bottom seismometers in the Indian Ocean
Keith Priestley & A. Gilligan 9:00 Variations in lithospheric structure across the Indo- Eurasian collisional belt
James Hammond 9:15 Evidence for partial melt in the crust beneath Mt. Paektu/Changbaishan
Andy Nowacki & S. Rost 9:30 Invited: A low-velocity pipe-like structure at the base of the mantle beneath Hawaii inferred from focussing of seismic waves
Paula Koelmeijer, B. Schuberth, R. Davies & J. Ritsema 10:00 Constraints on the presence of post-perovskite in Earth’s lowermost mantle from tomographic- geodynamic model comparisons
Kasra Hosseini & K. Sigloch 10:15 Global seismic tomography using teleseismic and core-diffracted body waves
Session 8: Session 8: Dealing with big data - Chaired by: Lonn Brown
Tarje Nissen-Meyer, K. Leng, M. van Driel, et al. 11:00 Invited: Appraising Occam: On the interaction of seismic waves with structure
† Kuangdai Leng, T. Nissen-Meyer, K. Hosseini, et al. 11:30 Global wavefield modeling in 3-D crustal structures
Nicholas Rawlinson 11:45 Seismic tomography: From damped least squares to transD
Natalia Poiata 12:00 Locating seismic sources with an automated multi- scale array-based detection and location scheme
Karin Sigloch & S.C. Stähler 12:15 Fully probabilistic seismic source inversion
Jennifer Weston, E.R. Engdahl, J. Harris, D.A. Storchak & D. Di Giacomo 12:30 ISC-EHB: Reconstructing the EHB earthquake database

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