The ISC Event Bibliography greatly benefited from the earlier Bibliography of Seismology at the Dominion Observatory in Canada for the period 1956-1964, which was subsequently extended by the ISC and its bibliographers Beryl Scott-Barett and later by Peter Smith to cover the period 1965-1995. It is unfortunate that this work was then terminated due to lack of funds.

We also acknowledge the bibliographical search of Willie Lee (USGS Emeritus), as part of the ISC-GEM Catalogue preparation, that allowed us to include 240 publications related to large earthquakes before 1979. We thank Jon DeBord and Chuck Wenger, USGS Librarians, for their assistance in searching through the scientific literature and arranging inter-library loans.

Rebecca Verney, Elizabeth Ball and Natalia Safronova were instrumental in collecting and entering scientific articles and event associations into the ISC database. The work in now continued by Daniela Olaru.

We gratefully acknowledge the use the Generic Mapping Tool (GMT) in the figures explaining the nature of the ISC Event Bibliography.