An Historic Dinner in May 1978

A brief historical note by Robin D. Adams (ISC staff member 1978-1995)

Received: 24 January 2019

This paper fragment details the apportioning of costs for a dinner held during the Governing Council meeting in London, 19-20 May 1978. At this time the long-term future of the Centre was being seriously considered with options to move to Geneva under the auspices of the World Meteorological Oganisation, to move to the newly-developing United Nations complex in Vienna, or stay as in independent organisation in Britain. Eventually the last option prevailed. At this meeting Anthony Hughes and David McGregor were confirmed in the posts of Director and Deputy.

Of the attendees, Jack Oliver was chair of the Executive Committee, and Stephan Mueller Chair of the Governing Council. Michael Fournier d’Albe represented UNESCO, and apart from Hughes and McGregor, others were mainly national representatives.

This paper fragment was kindly provided by David McGregor on January 20, 2019. David found it whilst clearing his private garage along with a few other items from the 1970s. The list contains quite a few well-known seismologists. It now seems remarkable that you could have a dinner in those days for just £3 or so.

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