Former ISC staff

Current staff of the ISC

Name Country of origin Position Start Date End Date Last known posting
Slawomir J. Gibowicz, Ph.D Poland Assistant (Deputy) Director September 1966 August 1968 IG PAS, Warsaw, Poland profile picture
Jaromir Jansky, Ph.D. Czechoslovakia Seismologist September 1969 August 1970 Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic profile picture
Klara Mrazova Czechoslovakia Seismologist/Bulletin Editor January 1971 December 1971 Geophysical Institute, Bratislava, Slovakia profile picture
Ron Smith Australia Seismologist/Bulletin Editor June 1971 June 1972 Perth, Australia profile picture
Megumi Mizoue Japan Seismologist/Bulletin Editor Jan 1971 July 1972 ERI, University of Tokyo profile picture
Graeme McNair UK Senior Programmer May 1972 June 1975 Glasgow, Scotland profile picture
Shrigul Nonzi Thailand Seismologist/Bulletin Editor Thai Meteorological Department
Lolita Garcia Philippines Seismologist/Bulletin Editor August 1981
Boming Zhang China Seismologist/Bulletin Editor November 1982 November 1984
Mawuli Akoto Ghana Seismologist/Bulletin Editor September 1984 October 1986 University of Ghana profile picture
Luis Alvear Chile Seismologist/Bulletin Editor November 1986 November 1988 University of Santiago, Chile profile picture
Joan Latchman, Ph.D. Trinidad and Tobago Seismologist/Bulletin Editor October 1988 November 1990 Seismic Research Centre, UWI, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago profile picture
Vasile Mârza Romania Seismologist/Bulletin Editor October 1990 November 1992 University of Brasilia, Brazil profile picture
Robin Adams, Ph.D. New Zealand Senior Seismologist March 1978 July 1995 retired, UK profile picture
Peter Smith UK Bibliographer profile picture
Reinhard Mittag Germany Seismologist/Bulletin Editor April 1995 April 1997 Berggießhübel Observatory, Germany profile picture
David McGregor UK Deputy Director January 1964 August 1998 retired, UK profile picture
Anna Surguy UK Data Manager May 1999 retired, UK profile picture
Carol Tubby UK Data Preparation Assistant September 1988 August 1999 retired, UK profile picture
Alison Bird, M.Sc. Canada Seismologist/Analyst November 1997 November 1999 PGC/GSC, Sidney, B.C., Canada profile picture
Noureddine Beghoul, Ph.D. Algeria Seismologist/Developer January 1999 February 2000 profile picture
Qi-fu Chen China Seismologist/Researcher 2000 2000 CEA / China Academy of Sciences profile picture
Esmeralda Banganan Philippines Seismologist/Analyst January 2000 January 2002 PHIVOLCS/CTBTO profile picture
James Thomas Bayliss, employee of Reading University UK Programmer December 2000 October 2002 UAE; ONS, UK profile picture
Cliff Allen UK Data Entry Assistant September 1999 2003 profile picture
Mamy Andrianirina Madagascar Seismologist/Analyst December 1998 January 2003 profile picture
Nurcan Özel, Ph.D. Turkey Seismologist/Analyst August 2002 July 2004 Kandilli Observatory/CTBTO profile picture
Richard Luckett, Ph.D. UK Seismologist/Developer March 2000 October 2004 BGS, Montserrat profile picture
Matthew Evans, employee of University of Leeds UK Seismologist/Developer January 2002 June 2004 Blacknest, UK profile picture
Maiclaire Bolton, M.Sc. Canada Seismologist/Analyst November 2003 June 2006 CoreLogic, Oakland, USA profile picture
Peter Dawson, Ph.D. UK Data Collection & Applications Manager March 1999 July 2008 retired, UK profile picture
Przemyslaw Kowalski, M.Sc. Poland Seismologist/Analyst October 2006 December 2008 IG PAS, Warsaw profile picture
Baokun Li, M.Sc. China Seismologist/Analyst October 2006 October 2009 CENC/CEA,
Beijing, China
profile picture
Oriol Gaspà Rebull, M.Sc. Spain Seismologist/Developer June 2006 October 2010 Aon Benfield, Tokyo, Japan profile picture
Juan Manuel Benjumea Colombia Seismologist/Developer 2008 2010 Strasbourgh University, France profile picture
Shengzao Chen, Ph.D. USA Seismologist/Analyst June 2009 October 2010 NEIC/USGS, Golden, USA profile picture
Beatriz Vera, M.Sc. Colombia Seismologist/Analyst March 2006 August 2011 CTBTO,
profile picture
Agne Baranauskaite, B.Ed. Lithuania Historical Data Entry Officer August 2010 November 2011 profile picture
Hepsi Simpson, M.A. Mexico Historical Data Entry Officer March 2011 November 2011
Jessica Eliot
(nee Wilson), B.Sc.
UK Historical Data Entry Officer March 2011 December 2011 profile picture
Ben Dando, Ph.D. UK Seismologist/Developer November 2010 February 2012 NORSAR profile picture
Elizabeth Robertson, M.Sc. New Zealand Seismologist/Analyst March 2009 August 2012 profile picture
Sepideh Rastin, M. Eng. Iran Developer July 2012 June 2013 University of Auckland,
profile picture
Ivana Jukić, M.Sc. Croatia Seismologist/Analyst September 2012 May 2014 CTBTO,
profile picture
István Bondár, Ph.D. Hungary Senior Seismologist June 2008 April 2014 MTA Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences, Budapest profile picture
Natalia Safronova, M.Eng. Russia Historical Data Entry Officer August 2011 December 2014 profile picture
Wayne Richardson, Ph.D. New Zealand Seismologist/Senior Seismologist

Senior Seismologist
September 1992

September 2010
March 1997

August 2014
NZ profile picture
Maureen Aspinwall UK Administration Officer September 1986 September 2016 Retired profile picture
Przemyslaw Ozgo Poland System Administrator October 2011 November 2016 IOVOX,
profile picture
Saiful Khan,
India Software Developer July 2016 February 2017 University of Oxford,
profile picture
Emily Delahaye,
Canada Analyst, Lead Analyst, Contractor September 2009 August 2017 Career change profile picture
Elizabeth Entwistle,
UK Seismologist/Analyst August 2015 March 2018 profile picture
Jennifer Weston,
UK Seismologist/Analyst August 2015 April 2018 profile picture
Edith Korger, Ph.D. Austria Data Collection Seismologist Sept 2015 July 2018 AWI, Germany
Gergely Csontos Hungary Web Developer March 2017 January 2019
Angeliki Adamaki, Ph.D. Greece Seismologist/Analyst May 2018 July 2019 Lund University, Sweden
Alfie James Barber UK System Administrator March 2017 August 2019
Lonn Brown, M.Sc. Canada Seismologist/Analyst Administrator October 2015 November 2019 University of Alberta
John Eve, B.Sc. UK Data Collection Officer April 2008 September 2020 Retired, UK. profile picture
Konstantinos Lentas, Ph.D. Greece Seismologist/Senior Developer November 2013 November 2020 NOA, Athens, Greece profile picture
Charikleia Gkarlaouni, Ph.D. Greece Seismologist/Analyst February 2018 December 2020 NOA, Athens, Greece profile picture
Peter Franek, Ph.D. Slovakia Seismologist/Analyst February 2018 May 2021 Tromsø, Norway profile picture
Daniela Olaru, M.Sc.Admin. Romania Historical and Bibliographical Data Officer November 2013 December 2021 Reading, UK profile picture
Gary Job UK Data Collection Officer July 2020 January 2022 Basingstoke, UK profile picture
Thomas Walker, B.Sc.Geog. UK Historical Data Entry Officer March 2022 April 2022 Brimpton, UK profile picture
Susana Carvalho, Ph.D. N.D. Portugal Historical Data Entry Officer April 2022 March 2024 Newbury, UK profile picture

Current staff of the ISC