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Submission date: 13-07-2021

Utah Discrimination Datasets 2012-2020

Lisa Linville (1),
  • (1) Sandia National Laboratories

Brief Description: Earthquake and explosive source event catalog from the University of Utah.

Corresponding Author:

Lisa Linville

Related Publications:

Linville, L., Pankow, K., & Draelos, T. (2019). Deep Learning Models Augment Analyst Decisions for Event Discrimination. Geophysical Research Letters, 46(7), 3643–3651.

Linville, L.M. Event-Based Training in Label-Limited Regimes. (2021) Journal of Geophysical Research. In Reviews.

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Linville, L. (2021). Utah Discrimination Datasets 2012-2020, ISC Seismological Dataset Repository,