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Submission date: 05-08-2021

The ISC MS dataset for shallow earthquakes since 1904

International Seismological Centre (1),
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Brief Description: Dataset including an MS catalogue and underlying station data for worldwide earthquakes (MS >= 4.5) between 1904 and the last complete reviewed year by the ISC

Corresponding Author:

International Seismological Centre

Related Publications:

Di Giacomo, D. and Storchak, D. A. (2022). One hundred plus years of recomputed surface wave magnitude of shallow global earthquakes, Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 14, 393–409,

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ISC2021_MS_dataset.tar.bz2 File size: 103M

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19??s/MS_data_19??.log and 20??s/MS_data_20??.log

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International Seismological Centre, . (2021). The ISC MS dataset for shallow earthquakes since 1904, ISC Seismological Dataset Repository,