Modernizing the ISC location procedures
Perugia workshop 2007


The following posters were presented and discussed during the poster session in the Rocca Paolina undeground palace on July 10. Summaries of all poster presentations were given during the well attended oral session on July 11 in the Law School of the University. The summaries were followed by a discussion.

Dmitry Storchak, James HarrisINTRODUCTION: Relocating ISC bulletin events with AK135(pdf)
Mitsuyuki Hoshiba, Satoshi Takahama, Yuzo Ishikawa, Shigeo Mori, Hidemi ItoComparison of hypocenters determined using Jeffreys-Bullen and AK135 velocity models for earthquakes in Japan(pdf)
Wen-Tzong Liang, Mei-Yi Ho, Bor-Shough HuangThe Comparison between the ISC Bulletin and the CWB Catalog for Earthquakes Occurred in the Taiwan Region(pdf)
Sun Ruomei, Ruifeng Liu, Zongliang WuEarthquake relocation of China Continent and vicinity during the period of January to October 2004(pdf)
Irina GabsatarovaComparison of the regional earthquake parameters in Russia for estimate modernizing ISC procedures(pdf)
Ali Mottaghi, Mehdi RezapourComparisons between location features of ISC(using JB & AK135 models) and IRSC for seismic events in Iran(pdf)
Mohsen DezvarehAssessing ISC locations using the data of Iranian National Broadband Seismic Network (INSN)(pdf)
Nurcan Ozel, Dogan Kalafat, Kivanc KekovaliEvaluation of ISC JB and ISC AK135 bulletins for Turkey
Vladimir Pinsky, Avi ShapiraISC bulletin with AK-135 velocity model for earthquakes in the Levant and East Mediterranean region with application to advanced location techniques(pdf)
Myrto Pirli, Nicos MelisEvaluation of the AK135 velocity model performance in earthquake location in the broader area of Greece(pdf)
Claudia Piromallo, Claudio ChiarabbaModernizing the ISC Procedures: Model Evaluation for the Italian region(pdf)
Pawel Wiejacz, Przemyslaw KowalskiComparison of ISC seismic event locations with data of Polish mining industry(pdf)
Johannes Schweitzer, Berit PaulsenTesting the AK135 model for locating seismic events in the wider Fennoscandia-European Arctic Region(pdf)
Roger Hansen, Natalia RuppertSeismicity Along the Alaska-Aleutian Arc: Case studies for Model Evaluation(pdf)
Alison Bird, Dmitry StorchakRelocation of earthquakes off the west coast of British Columbia, Canada using processing routines at the International Seismological Centre and various travel time tables(pdf)
C.Redondo, Eduardo CamachoComparing the AK135 model with the ISC J-B model for Central American earthquakes locations(pdf)
Juan Benjumea, Beatriz Vera, Hansjurgen MeyerAssessment of the ISC JB and AK135 locations in the NW of South America(pdf)
Renzo FurlaniISC localization using JB and AK135 velocity models: A comparison in the Andean Region between latitudes from 19S to 45S(pdf)
Beatriz Vera, Avi Shapira, Dmitry Storchak, James HarrisAnalysis of station travel times residuals based on the AK135 velocity model and phase weighting scheme in location procedures(pdf)

The discussion and recommendations given by the workshop participants have led to the following IASPEI resolution:

RECOGNIZING that the workshops on Modernizing ISC location procedures have demonstrated that the ak135 traveltime tables provide a better fit than the Jeffreys-Bullen (JB) tables to observed seismic phases,

IASPEI RECOMMENDS that the International Seismological Centre replace the JB model by ak135 for the routine location of seismic events.