Santiago workshop 2005: Modernizing the ISC location procedures


As planned the Workshop took place on 04 October 2005 in Santiago, Chile.

8:55Johannes SchweitzerIntroduction
9:00Dmitry Storchakoral presentation(pdf)
9:30Ivan Kitovoral presentation
10:00Bob Engdahloral presentation(pdf)
---------------- coffee break ----------------
11:00Johannes Schweitzeroral presentation(pdf)
11:30Maiclaire Boltonoral presentation(pdf)
12:00Brian Kennettoral presentation(pdf)
---------------- lunch break ----------------
14:00Keith McLaughlinoral presentation(pdf)
14:30Todd Nicholsonoral presentation(pdf)
15:00William Rodioral presentation(pdf)
---------------- coffee break ----------------
16:00Vasile Marzaoral presentation(pdf)
16:30Vladimir Pinskyoral presentation(pdf)
A.Lomax & S.Husenposter(pdf)
17:00Final discussion

The Workshop's Recommendations:

1. As the first step towards improving the location accuracy, the ISC should seriously consider moving from JB to a AK-135 velocity model, as the model better represents the real Earth.

2. The ISC is asked to recompute and review 2-3 months of its recent Bulletin and make the results available from the ISC website.

3. The second Workshop is to be called during the IUGG Assembly in Perugia, 2007, where interested scientists would be encouraged to assess the results of the ISC relocations from a regional point of view.

4. The methods suugested by the speakers are to be re-visited again once the AK135 model is in place.

5. Authors are encouraged to submit papers to a special section in "Physics Of the Earth and Planetary Interior".