The 1998 Annual Summary of the ISC Bulletin

D A Storchak, M Andrianirina, E L Banganan


The ISC finished analysing 1998 data in December 2000. The Bulletin is available from as well as on the ISC CD Volume 9. This poster presentation is the first of it's kind. It is intended to give a brief overview of the data published in the Bulletin. It includes the map of Institutions and types of parametric data they have provided for 1998, including the new data sources. Regional seismicity maps together with magnitude frequency plots and estimates of completeness are discussed. A statistics of reported phase arrival times and amplitudes are presented. The most frequently contributing stations with characteristics of their reporting patterns are shown. Overall completeness, statistics of station reports and azimuthal coverage are compared with those of largest international data centres. The parameters of new events found by the ISC during the year are given. A content of the ISC unassociated data stream is discussed. A map of the ISC events, for which digital waveforms are currently available online from other sources is shown. A map of all known artificial events is also exhibited.