Summary of the ISC Bulletin of Events of 1999

D A Storchak
M Andrianirina
E L Banganan
R J Willemann

The ISC Bulletin for year 1999 is now available on the Internet and the ISC CD Volume 10. In our presentation, we will give an overview of the data published in the Bulletin.

We describe the major sources of data contributed to the ISC, including arrival times and amplitude readings and compare the data sets from other major data centres with that of the ISC. We evaluate the importance of re-analysis on a global scale from the distribution of events for which the ISC associated independently reported phase readings or hypocentres. We also give a summary of "new" events discovered by the ISC from previously unassociated phase readings, and other events of special interest in the Bulletin.

We discuss the overall and regional completeness of the Bulletin as well as reasons for differences between mb values computed by the ISC, NEIC and pIDC. We conclude with a summary of later phases reported to the ISC and an analysis of how they might be used to improve ISC hypocenters.