EHB Bulletin: csv event catalogue output

The CSV output for the Event catalogue search produces one line per event. Click here to load an example.

Each line has a minimum of 11 fields, which are preformatted and comma separated. Each field is in one of 3 groups:


The fields within the MAGNITUDES group are repeated for each magnitude that is returned for an event.

Group Title Position Description
EVENTEVENTID1-9Unique id number specific to each EHB event.
ORIGINAUTHOR11-19Author of the prime (preferred) orgin.
ORIGINDATE21-30Prime origin date.
ORIGINTIME32-42Prime origin time.
ORIGINLAT44-51Prime origin latitude.
ORIGINLON53-61Prime origin longitude.
ORIGINDEPTH63-67Prime origin depth.
ORIGINDEPFIX69-74Flag set to true if the depth has been fixed in the prime origin.
MAGNITUDESAUTHOR76-84Magnitude author.
MAGNITUDESTYPE86-91Magnitude type (e.g. MW, mb, MS, etc.)
MAGNITUDESMAG93-96Magnitude value.